Conditions for Texts

The WordPress plug-in Conditions for Texts allows bloggers to use IF- & IF-ELSE conditions in their posts and pages. With this amazing plug-in, specific content and texts can be published in accordance with certain conditions, for example date or time.

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How to use the WordPress Plug-in

An article is intended to introduce a specific product. The text of this article should be automatically published different text at christmas than in the rest of the year.

<h1>Gift idea for men [IF $month>10] for Christmas[ELSE] for Birthday[/IF]</h1>
[IF $month>=1 AND $month<=10]
    <p>This beer backpack is the ideal birthday gift for all men </p>
    <p>This beer backpack is the ideal Christmas gift for all men </p>

As you can see in this example, bloggers can tailor their articles to specific time periods or dates, such as holidays, and thus handle seasonal events automatically.


The WordPress plug-in is available in two different versions – the Standard and Extented version. The standard version is free of charge and has a slightly lower functionality than the extended version, which is very cheap to buy for 2,99 €.

Here you can see the difference between the two versions of the plug-in:

Nur 2,99 €
IF-Verzweigung[IF $var==1] ... [/IF]
IF-ELSE-Verzweigung[IF $var==1] ... [ELSE] ... [/IF]
( == , >= , <= , != , < , > )
[IF $month>10] ... [/IF]
[IF $month!=12] ... [/IF]
Logische Operatoren
( AND , OR )
[IF $day>=1 AND $day<=10] ... [/IF]
[IF $month==7 OR $month==7] ... [/IF]
( contains )
[IF $userAgent contains chrome] Chrome Browser [/IF]
Variablen-Set "Standard":
$day, $month, $year, $hour, $minute, $date
[IF $hour>12] ... [/IF]
[IF $year<2018] ... [/IF]
[IF $date==2018-12-24] ... [/IF]
Variablen-Set "Extended":
$remoteIP, $userAgent, $httpReferer, $browserLanguage,
$permaLink, $dayOfWeek, $dayOfYear, $leapYear,
$amORpm, $pageId, $postId,
$categoryName, $authorId
[IF $remoteIP>] ... [/IF]
[IF $browserLanguage==de] ... [/IF]
[IF $leapYear==true] Schaltjahr [/IF]
[IF $dayOfWeek==0] Sonntag [/IF]
Existenzvergleich[IF something] true [/IF]
(irgendwas kann z. B. eine Shortcode-Ausgabe sein)

Available variables for the conditions

The following variables are available in the standard and extended version:

  • $day – Day (1…31)
  • $month – Month (1..12)
  • $year – Year (2018)
  • $hour – Hour (1..24)
  • $minute – Minute (1..59)
  • $date – Date (2018-12-24)

In the Extended version the following additional variables are available:

  • $remoteIP – IP-Address of the visitor (
  • $userAgent – User-Agent of the visitor (String)
  • $httpReferer – Referer-URL of the visitor (String)
  • $browserLanguage – Language of the Browser (e.g. de,en,…)
  • $permaLink – Permanent url of the current page or post (https://…/category/title)
  • $dayOfWeek – Day in week (0=Sonntag, 6=Samstag)
  • $dayOfYear – Day of the year (1…365)
  • $leapYear  – Leap year (true, false)
  • $amORpm – Morning or Afternoon (am, pm)
  • $pageId – ID of the current page (int)
  • $postId – ID of the current post (int)
  • $categoryName – Name of the category (String)
  • $authorId – ID of the author (int)

Scope of the plug-in

The plug-in can be used in the following content areas of your blog:

  • Content text of a page or post (the_content)
  • Title of a page or post (the_title, pre_get_document_title)
  • Meta-Title and Meta-Description (wpseo_title, wpseo_metadesc)
  • Text in the header <head></head> (wp_head)
  • Text in the footer (wp_footer)
  • Text in widgets (widget_text)

Third party plug-in Support

Currently the plug-in supports the following third party plug-ins:

  • Shortcode-Plugins like Shortcoder (Usefull: Check if parameters in the shortcode content are set!)
  • Tablepress